Man fined $3 million for failing to declare import of US$660,000

Four and a half years after he was charged with importing US$660,000 and failing to declare the money to Customs and Excise Officers, an Arima trader has been fined $3 million.

If Joseph Baptiste fails to pay the money within 28 days, he will serve three years in prison.

Meanwhile, the court ruled that the foreign currency was to be forfeited to the State and it is expected to be handed over by customs officials once the requisite paperwork is completed.

Update: Bankers association on Linx fraud

The Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago has responded to a fake website link being circulated via Whatsapp which is purporting to be from Link, asking users to go to a website to enter personal banking information. The following is the full press release:


EMA: Preliminary investigations confirms odour originates from Angostura Ltd.

The EMA has launched an investigation into the cause of the odour around the vicinity of Angostura Ltd. The following is the full press release

Following reported concerns of residents of Beetham Gardens related to unbearable odours near Angostura Ltd.’s facilities in the area, the EMA’s preliminary investigation has confirmed that the odours are in fact originating from Angostura Ltd.