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Police have arrested over 258 persons in connection with various offences including gang activity, shootings, outstanding warrants and gun and narcotics possession, a statement by the Police...

*** Update ***

The child has died at the San Fernando General Hospital having suffered 100 percent burns.

*** Earlier Report**** 

Pres­i­dent Paula-Mae Weekes will trav­el to Bar­ba­dos on Sat­ur­day to ad­dress lo­cal stu­dents there.

Daniel Felix Reyes a 21-year-old  labourer from Ste. Madeleine has been sentenced to 24 months of hard labour after pleading guilty to charges of possession of a firearm and ammunition. 

A new plot has been un­cov­ered to as­sas­si­nate Com­mis­sion­er of Po­lice Gary Grif­fith by two in­car­cer­at­ed gang lead­ers and one of their as­so­ciates.

Sergeant David Swan­son is plead­ing with pa­trons to de­sist from pick­ing up items that do not be­long to them when Mr Kil­la’s song—Run With It— is be­ing played in Car­ni­val fetes as it could...

Valen­tine's Day, con­sid­ered a day of love, brought sor­row and hurt to the fam­i­ly of a 53-year-old par­tial­ly blind...

Valen­tine’s Day turned out to be a scary ex­pe­ri­ence for an el­der­ly cou­ple when they woke up to find a four-feet maca­juel in their bed­room ceil­ing yes­ter­day.

A 58-year-old grand­moth­er, who was shot by a stray bul­let while ly­ing on her couch at her Pleas­antville home al­most two weeks ago, has suc­cumbed to her in­juries.

Three residents from the Sealots and Beetham communities who go by the nicknames Burkie, Dole and Spanish have been taken in by police in raids this morning,