Rotting pole? Here's what to do

Now yesterday, there was an unfortunate incident where a man lost his life...
Preliminary reports suggest that a rotting light pole fell on him.
The family now wants answers, they say they made a report years ago and nothing has been done.
Well, CNC3 reached out to both TSTT and T&TEC to find out the process to report issues with poles, lines etc.
TSTT said someone with a report should call their hotline at 824-tstt, choose option three then two or option four then three.
They said a customer service rep will take the report, send to the head office and the issue should be resolved in 1-2 working days,
T&TEC is asking customers to call 800-BULB or 800-TTEC to file a report, they also mentioned their mobile app where reports can also be made.
However, T&TEC's waiting time according to the company is 2 hours.
T&TEC says once there have it in the system they will attend to it and according to the extent of the damage and act accordingly.
We want to ask you, what has been your experience with these companies.