Morning Brew

Ryan Bachoo spoke with Adrian Leonce about recent murders in the Laventille community.

Embedded thumbnail for Peter George: Time to start the Cryptocurrency discussion

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. Today on CNC3's the Morning Brew Hema Ramkissoon spoke with the Chair of Bitt Inc. Peter George about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Embedded thumbnail for Ganga Singh: Going in alone is a gift to the PNM

Ganga Singh spoke with Hema Ramkissoon on the Morning Brew this morning. 

Embedded thumbnail for Seepersad-Bachan: It's a sad day, it could have been avoided

On the Morning Brew today Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Hema Ramkissoon about the closure of Petrotrin scheduled for today. 
Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan said it's a sad day because we have lost our leadership position in the CARICOM region. the...

Embedded thumbnail for British High Commissioner: Travel Advisory is not an indictment against the government

Tim Stew the British High Commissioner to T&T says a Travel Advisory is not about a country or a government and its performance but simply to advise nationals about how they behave when they travel. He made the comment on CNC3's the Morning...

Embedded thumbnail for Education Minister waiting on AG's advice on teachers strike action

This morning on CNC3's the Morning Brew Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Anthony Garcia about the new school year and the proposed day of rest and reflection that is carded for Friday. 
He reminded teachers of their sacred responsibility. 

Embedded thumbnail for Magician pulls flower out of the air on The Morning Brew

Perspective, The Entertainer speaks to Hema Ramkissoon on The Morning Brew.

Embedded thumbnail for Health Minister to flood victims: Try to get back to a state of normalcy

This morning on CNC3's the Morning Brew Jesse Ramdeo spoke with Officials from the Ministry of Health about overall health and flooding. 
Minister Deyalsingh said what he saw victims going through during the last few days is far beyond what...

Embedded thumbnail for Fr Joseph Harris: I never wanted leadership, it came to me

On CNC3's the Morning Brew Hema Ramkissoon spoke with Archbishop Emeritus Fr Joesph Harris about his biography written by Valentino Singh. 
Fr Harris said from a very young age he knew he wanted to be a priest. 

Embedded thumbnail for It's a good day for female leadership

Historic, that's how Dr. Hamid Ghany and Gillian Wall describes today. On CNC3's the Morning Brew the duo told Hema Ramkissoon that we should not ignore all that her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes brings to the table.

Embedded thumbnail for State of the economy: What's the solution?

Businessman Dominic Hadeed and Ernst and Young's Maria Daniel discuss the state of the economy with Shelly Dass on The Morning Brew.