5 Easy-to-Eat, Delicious Snacks For The Road

If you’re joining in on the fun on the road (meaning you’re not playing mas), then you’ll get hungry, inevitably. Also, no one is trying to eat a bowl of fish broth or macaroni pie and callaloo while jamming on the pavement. Some foods are perfect for the road (in transportation and effect) while others are a bit trickier to eat. You want portable, light but filling snacks that keep you energised and satisfied on the road. Here are our top 5 snacks for the road.
#1 Roasted Channa or Peanuts
The easiest snack to eat on the road is the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold drink. Channa or chickpeas and peanuts are little nuggets full of protein which means they are completely energy-packed. They are also dry, light and easy to transport, ensuring that it survives all of your many jump-ups. There are many options in grocery stores or, you can even roast them yourself. Try them salted, honey roasted or hot and spicy! Store them in a freezer bag and chuck it in your fanny pack or backpack.
#2 Chicken Leg
Baked or fried chicken legs are the perfect meat for the road because they are so easy to eat. We recommend wrapping foil around the boney part of the leg so that you can hold while in a jam session without getting your fingers messy. This is also a great option for kids on the road as it is easy for them to hold and bite. Try not to make the chicken too saucy as this can get a bit messy and really, who has time to find a napkin when Machel is playing?
#3 Chia Pudding
For the more health-conscious, chia puddings are an easy snack on the road as they are refreshing (if made with juice) and keep you hydrated. Simply soak your chia seeds in juice, fruit purée or nut milk overnight. You can also add chunks of fruit if you wish. Ensure that you set the pudding in a portable and small container that won’t be a hassle to tote on the road. Keep the puddings in your cooler so that they are chilled when you are ready to enjoy them on the road. Also, remember to carry wooden or reusable spoons. It’s almost like eating healthy and refreshing jello.
#4 Granola
For a sweet but still filling snack, fill individual, small freezer bags with granola. It’ll keep you full and is absolutely yummy, especially if you throw in dried fruit or dark chocolate chips as a surprise. The lightweight granola additionally makes it easy to transport so you won’t be bogged down with a heavy snack in the middle of the day. Plus, if your friends get hungry, this snack can be shared easily.
#5 Chow
Chow is an absolute must-have for Carnival. Not only is it easy to eat but, it's easy to make! After all, it’s in every Trinbagonian’s blood to make a good chow. After making your chow, separate it into individual snack cups for easy portability. Also, remember to include a toothpick or fork so that you don’t have to worry about unsanitary hands or sticky fingers. If you’re used to a peppery chow then go right ahead with your hot pepper, however, if you’re not, then remember to keep the spice tempered as it’s never any fun scrambling for a toilet during Carnival.
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