5 Tips For A Foodie's Successful Christmas

If you’re a foodie then the last quarter of the year is probably your favourite. With Divali and Christmas only within two months of each other, your belly and taste buds are probably pretty busy around this time. Often, the rush of the season can fluster and complicate the hundreds of things on your to-do list and lead to lateness and forgetfulness. Unfortunately for everyone, this is a recipe for disaster especially when caterers are booked up and grocery stores are jam-packed. To avoid a sad and not-so-foodie-friendly Christmas, follow our five tips. We promise it’ll ensure that all of your favourite foods are in order for the season.
#1 Shop Early
You would think this is a no-brainer but, for many, finding the time in November and December to shop for Christmas limes, dinner parties and lunches can be difficult. A sure way around it is to decide on your Christmas menus early. You’ll be able to make your grocery list and start shopping before the usual Christmas grocery rush begins. A big bonus? You’ll get the best turkey available instead of fighting with customers for the last ones.  We suggest making your list on your phone to ensure that it’s always with you—this way, it’s available even if you spontaneously decide to pop in a grocery or corner shop or randomly remember an item that you need. Before you know it, most things will get checked off of your list.
#2 Bake Your Gifts
Black cake, cookies or breads for Christmas are a much appreciated gift, mostly because baking around Christmas time can be extremely hectic and stressful—especially if baking is not your forté. Also, who doesn’t love treats? We recommend starting very early. Buy your cherry brandy, flour, dried fruits, nuts and anything else weeks in advance then, start your baking. Fruit cakes can be baked weeks ahead of time. Try baking smaller sizes in fun shapes as additions to gifts or, make a larger one as a singular gift. For cookies, make the dough ahead and simply freeze—thaw, roll and bake when you’re ready to gift.
#3 Get Your Fruits Soaking
Your grandma and mum may have jars of fruits soaking for the entire year, but some of us forget. In case you decide to make black cake in a pinch, it’s probably best you start soaking your fruits. They may have been meant to be soaking months ago but, it’s never too late to start. Get a huge jar or container and pile your fruits and alcohol in. Let it sit and do not open until you are sure you’re ready to bake. 
#4 Cure Your Ham 
Curing your own ham seems to be a very forgotten step to a successful foodie's Christmas. It may be because most persons tend to buy an already cured ham for Christmas and then, just bake it on the day. Sure, it cuts out a lot of labour, but, you miss an important opportunity to inject insurmountable amounts of flavour. Try curing your own ham with your own spices. Do this early however because, it take upwards of 20 days for the curing process. 
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