5 Ways To Make Oatmeal Exciting

Oatmeal is one of the most common and versatile breakfasts, however, it can easily become quite boring. With just a little extra effort and time, oatmeal can be even more exciting and yummy than a bake and buljol—maybe not but, it comes pretty close. Here are 5 easy tips to transform your morning meal.
#1 Simmer In Juice
Simmering your oats in juice don’t only pack ridiculous fruity flavour but, it also lightens up your oats which are most often made with milk. We love using apple juice as it ends up feeling like a bowl of yummy applesauce. Experiment with different flavours like pineapple or mango juice. If it gets too sweet, add a little water.
#2 Cook Your Fruit
Everyone knows about topping your oats with fruit but, have you tried cooking your fruits with oats? The result is life changing. Cooked fruit adds texture and acidity to what can sometimes be quite a monotonous breakfast. Chopped apples simmered with oats, honey and cinnamon make you feel like you’re having a delicious piece of apple crumble for breakfast while banana gives extra creaminess and flavour for a pudding-like feel.
#3 Try It Savoury
Savoury oatmeals aren’t as popular as sweet options but, they are just as (or even more) delicious. Simmer oatmeal in milk or water and season with salt and chilli powder. Turn off the heat and mix in grated cheddar cheese. Eat with a sunnyside up egg and avocado slices. Your taste buds will explode with the discovery of savoury oatmeal.
#4 Add Crunch
Though oatmeal is yummy and comforting on its own, it can get a bit mundane. To put it simply, it’s one of those dishes that benefits greatly from textural elements. Top your granola with toasted nuts and seeds for much-needed crunch throughout your breakfast. Additionally, some persons love adding dry cereal on top of their oatmeal. We know it sounds weird but some swear by it and the crunch is ridiculously good. If you decide to experiment with savoury oatmeal then, add bacon for a salty, crisp bite.
#5 Layer
Layering oatmeal with yoghurt, fruit purées, fresh fruit or jams adds complexity to oatmeal. Layer each component in a mason jar for easy spooning and to ensure that you get all the elements of your oatmeal. The combination of flavours, textures and acidity from both yoghurt and fruit components complements the creaminess and earthiness of the oatmeal. Basically, you’ll never get bored with your breakfast.
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