Get your Glow popping with Christine Hamilton

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 11:45

Christine Hamilton is a 24-year-old, self-taught makeup artist with a passion for creation. Currently pursuing a course in graphic design, Christine admits that getting into the beauty industry was inevitable considering how much she loves art and design. Her love for makeup artistry started during childhood watching her aunt as she got ready to go out and then mimicking her by practising on herself. Naturally, after years of working on the art and her inherent ability to create, she delved into Makeup artistry professionally. Being in the industry for just over a year, Christine has become known for her strengths in bridal, prom, special event, carnival, and natural makeup styles. Her favourite part of being a makeup artist is seeing the joy and satisfaction her customers express after makeovers. The endless creativity and artistic freedom found in makeup artistry give Christine great room to grow as she plans to continue honing her craft, adding to her client base and setting her sights on teaching makeup artistry in the future. Check out what she had to share with us:

1. What is one thing your customers can really count on you for?

I believe one thing my customers can really count on me for is the enhancement of their already beautiful features (rather than transformation).

2. Which step do you love the most when doing makeup and why?

My favourite step when doing makeup will have to be highlighting and contouring. I love those parts the most because they help to sculpt the face to give it definition and accentuate areas that naturally catch the light.

3. Tell us about the milestones of your life or profession. 

One of my best achievements in life was actually taking the step and putting myself out there as a professional makeup artist. For a while, it was something I had contemplated taking on full-time and finally getting the courage to accomplish it was a very significant moment in my life. Another milestone in my profession would have to be experiencing my first Carnival season as a professional makeup artist. As you can imagine, it was a very hectic time for everyone in the beauty industry and to get the opportunity to experience and survive it was very memorable for me.

4. How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

Social media is probably the biggest tool in helping me stay abreast of the latest beauty trends. I keep myself updated with what’s new from other makeup artists online (both local and international).

5. What makeup tips can you give to us?

1. Skin preparation is super important. It not only protects your skin but it also helps you get better coverage that lasts longer.

2. Your brushes are one of your most essential tools when doing makeup.

3. Practise, practise, practise! The only way to perfect your craft is to keep practising.


Instagram handle: christine_k_hamilton