Hand-dyed Silk Clothing For Every Woman

When you hear hand-dyed silk, many folks automatically think of the tie-dye process that has been seen for many years. However, Lisa Sarjeant-Gonzales owner of Lisa Faye, tells us that the process is more technical and time consuming than we think. Lisa is known for her one of a kind line of Caribbean inspired coloured resort-wear which is made in silk fabric that is hand dyed by herself.

These beautiful pieces can easily become a staple in your closet. Not not only are the perfect resort-wear but are best suit≠ed for any woman who wants to bring a pop of colour to any event. The XX team got to hear from Lisa about her experience as an artist specialising in the hand dyeing of silk.

Here’s what Lisa had to share with us.


XX: Tell us about yourself.. who is Lisa Faye?

Lisa Sarjeant Gonzales: I am a mother, wife and an artist who is very much into my artwork. I strongly believe in family life and keeping that a happy place. I have been an artist since age eighteen and a textile designer for over thirty years specialising in hand dyed silk. I have made a profession out of my love for this artistry whereby I use four to five different types of silk, I hand dye them and make unique pieces of clothing from them.

XX: How did you get into textile design and silk painting?

LSG: I got involved in textile design through my alma mater St Francois Girls College. I had an amazing art teach named Mary Gill and she introduced me to it. My method of hand-dyed silk painting is one that I developed myself after many attempts, many episodes of trial and error over the years simply because I didn t like the traditional methods. I played around with my methods, combined them together and got the effect that I wanted which is the beautiful outcome that you see today.

XX: Tell us about Lisa s fabrics

LSG: The brand Lisa s fabrics came about by me being a textile designer before becoming a designer. In the past I would provide other designers with fabrics until about five years ago when I decided to create my own clothing line. This is how the brandLisa Faye was born.

XX: What s the design process like?

LSG: The process is a pretty long one as it takes about a week for each piece to finish from beginning to end. I paint in the same way an artist would paint on a canvas except that for me its done on silk. It is a very laborious technique but it s one that I am quite comfortable with. Painting on silk has become my sanity and my church because it puts me in a zone to be able to deal with everything that s going on in my life. It s a bit of a process but it is one that I enjoy thoroughly.

XX:Why did you decide to specialize in silk?

LSG: I specialize in silk because the fabric never fades. Other fabrics tend to fade after a few washes and as the years go by. In addition to that, silk has an amazing feel on the body. For me I want to know that after I have taken so long to paint a piece of art as I see it, women are left with a beautiful special piece, one that feels and looks beautiful. I look at Lisa Faye s hand dyed clothing as unique pieces since no two pieces are alike. I definitely believe every woman should own a piece of clothing like this because all women deserve to look and feel beautiful. The fabric not only feels beautiful but it falls on the body beautifully no matter the body type.

XX: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

LSG: I am very much inspired by nature. Whether it be leaves, the sky even insects and the sea, I have been inspired by their colours which is where you see the vibrancy in the clothing come out.

XX:What more is in store for Lisa s Fabrics?

LSG: At Lisa s fabrics we don t only have clothing but we also have beautiful jewelry from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Africa, India, Nepal end evenTurkey. It s different pieces from all over the world that I source because I think that it enhances my clothing. Also since they are one of a piece type of jewelry, they marry well with the clothing.

XX:Where can we buy your pieces?

LSG: All of these items both the hand dyed silk clothing and the jewellry are available at my store which is located at 8A Patna Street in St James.

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