Here's What Happened When We Tried ChefMade

Prepping lunch and dinner is a common problem for any working person. We love our food, and meals are not to be skipped. This is why we are often in the conundrum of either purchasing food outside or stressfully throwing together a mediocre meal. Problems: takeaway isn't affordable and because we're pressed for time, homemade meals don't usually end up being healthy. Even worse, let’s face it, all plans to cook a well-balanced meal go out of the window when the stress and fatigue of the 9-to-5 workday gets to you. So unless you are blessed to still have mum or dad prepare meals for you, then we’re certain that the struggle is real!

Have no fear, though, ChefMade is attempting to solve all of your problems with a service that offers meal plan options for single persons or families. The meal plan includes up to either 5 or 10 prepared meals weekly that are delivered ready-to-eat. Your only job is to stick it in the microwave. They're all natural, high-protein, balanced and made with natural sugars. Therefore, you get a healthy meal delivered to your home or work place that can be prepared in two minutes. (Say what?!) This service ticked all our boxes and considering it’s the first of its kind, the Propa Eats team decided to test it out.

We ordered 5 out of the 8 meals they had to offer. (They have since expanded their options.) You can pick up to five of the same meal however, we ordered five different meals to taste their varied offerings. For five meals, we paid $300, which works out to $60 a meal. However, if you bought ten, then the price reduced by $5 per meal, meaning that you only pay $550. The only confusing element of the process was payment for the service. On the website we asked to pay for the meals via credit card but when the order was completed, the website informed us to pay with cash upon delivery. It seems as if your credit card is only used as insurance. We made this order on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday, as promised with the brand's timelines.

We all agreed that it was a very convenient service and that ChefMade’ s customer care was superb. So does this sound too good to be true?  Our team tasted each meal and gave their thoughts on the presentation, taste and value for money, so you'll know what you're getting yourself into if you decide to buy a round of meals.

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