Household chores that burn calories

For most people, Saturday morning is dedicated to chores — and they dread it. But what if you skewed your perspective and looked at it as more of a workout than a chore? Let’s be real, why do you think no one likes "chores day"? Very few of us can say that we genuinely enjoy housework, but if you had it in your head that this was benefiting you in more ways than one, there may be some added motivation. 
Some of the regular household chores that we do can burn the same amount — or more — calories than the average workout. It turns out, that 30 minutes of simple house work can burn up to 300 calories, depending on what you do. Here are a handful of ways you can get a full body workout while tidying your home. 
1. Scrubbing the bath 
When you have to use a little extra elbow grease to get up all of that soap scum, you’re bound to burn a few calories. Using your arms to scrub the shower can also help to tone your arms and shoulders. 
2. Laundry 
If you're on laundry duty, you definitely need to factor in transporting piles of clothing all the way to the laundry room, loading and unloading and then folding and packing away. All this movement can help to burn some serious calories and give your arms and legs a decent workout. 
3. Cleaning Windows 
Are your glass windows fogged to the point where they’re no longer transparent? Well, maybe it’s time to grab a spray and give them a good cleaning! Scrubbing every window in your house will definitely work up a sweat. An hour of sweating can burn up to 300 hundred calories. It’s about time you got around to it. 
4. Vacuuming 
Is your house carpeted? Maybe just the upstairs, like mine, was growing up. But vacuuming the carpets was something I dreaded because it just took so long! Little did I know that I was actually burning calories while thinking of all the bad things I'd say to my mother for forcing me to do it. My 16-year-old fitness-crazed self would have started volunteering if I knew that. Some people even vacuum their tiled and wooden floors at home to avoid sweeping. The walking and arm movements alone can burn up to 100 calories within an hour. 
5. Mopping and Sweeping 
For those who don’t want to take the easy way out by just vacuuming the floors, sweeping will burn even more calories then vacuuming the floor ever could. Your arms and legs are constantly moving to make sure that you get every drop of dust off of that floor. The best part: You get to burn double the calories by mopping after as well. It’s a calorie-burning win (though many may disagree). 
6. Mowing or 
When you have a front or back lawn in Trinidad, you know the struggle of keeping it tame. Instead of hiring a gardener, try using a lawn mower or a weed whacker. Having to control the equipment, walking around and the heat, you are bound to burn a bunch of calories. 
7. Gardening 
Working in the garden is a relaxing past time for some. Digging, planting, and moving pots all contributes to a full body workout!
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