Indarsingh put out of House for "gross disorder"

Opposition Member of Parliament for Couva South Rudranath Indarsingh has been suspended from the House of Representatives for today's sitting.

It came after House Speaker Bridgid Annisette George ruled that his conduct amounted to "gross disorder".

A melee developed in the House when Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley rose to answer a question in relation to sexual harassment claims against former minister Darryl Smith.

The prime minister accused the Opposition of "playing holier than thou" and he maintained that the Opposition too had claims of sexual harassment brought against some of its members.

This caused a riff between both sides of the House, forcing the Speaker to rise and call for order.

The Speaker then called on Indarsingh to "take a walk", telling him it was for him to cool down and then return to the House.

However, Indarsingh and other Opposition members insisted that there was no provision under the Standing Orders for the Speaker to instruct a member to "take a walk".

The Speaker gave Indarsingh another opportunity to comply with her ruling and when he failed to do so, she instructed him to withdraw from the chamber for the rest of the sitting.

The clip accompanying this article was taken from today's sitting broadcast on The Parliament Channel.

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