Spiked Café is Trinidad’s Most Unique Coffeehouse

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 10:30

Spiked Café is the coffee shop that keeps on giving. Located in Movie Towne at the C3 Centre, Spiked Café naughtily surprises you with their treats, eats and mouth-watering booze-spiked coffees and teas. And guess what? (No really, this is going to knock your socks off.) You can actually take everything from the café into Movie Towne (alcohol included— we knew you were wondering). So now, you’re not limited to onion rings, chicken tenders and fries but you can have anything you want from pastas, salads and quinoa all the way to crêpes. Say goodbye to fountain soda and hello to one of Spiked Café's fruity smoothies. But even if a movie is not peaking your interest that week, dining in the café is a treat in itself. It’s cosy, cute and smells as good as all of the treats taste. Whiffs of pumpkin spice and freshly ground espresso waft through the air— you may just want to stay for the aromas in this quasi-sidewalk café.

In case you already decided that San Fernando is too far, you'll be happy to know that Spiked also has a location at Price Plaza's Movie Towne in Chaguanas. There is a tiny difference though, there aren't any pastas or alcohol. We know it's a bummer but every other delicious item you see or read about will be available. Plus, you can still carry all of those delicious treats into the cinema, so let's be happy for that.

You’d never guess that lurking in the notoriously dark hallways of Movie Towne you would find a café that has a mile-long menu full of alcoholic-spiked coffees and teas, and delicious homemade food. Trust us, you are sure to find something you like here. And if you’re struggling, not to worry, we’ve gone through the large and sometimes overwhelming, spiked-with-everything-nice menu and picked our absolute favourites. 

To find out or favourites and more, visit propaeats.com