Embedded thumbnail for Fish prices down but likely to rise again

A week before Easter and the price of fish has been reduced but vendors say it's quite likely the price could increase later on this week.

Judy Kanhai has more in this report.

Embedded thumbnail for Crosby on robbery at Artie's Meats

While the men behind the armed robbery of Artie's Meats in Diego Martin were found hiding under a bed at a home in La Puerta, Diego Martin, mere hours after the incident comedian Nikki Crosby and...

Embedded thumbnail for PNM council members in Siparia want Chairman Ramadarsingh to demit office

.PNM council members of the Siparia regional corporation are calling on the public to rise up and demand that the chairman demits office.

The call comes as UNC members continue to stay away...

Embedded thumbnail for School Maxi Taxis protest

Several maxi taxis contracted to transport school children remained grounded today as the operators say they will not work until they've been paid.

The drivers say they are yet to receive 2...

Embedded thumbnail for Kids who Inspire

Robots are a symbol of the future. But for four young Presentation College Students, that future is now.

Tonight in our kids who inspire series we speak with the team that not only built...

Embedded thumbnail for Take me to Brasso Seco

That's was a new series in the weekend news called "Take Me To".

In it we will be featuring various sites and attractions in Trinidad and Tobago.

For our first episode cameraman...

Embedded thumbnail for New Industrial Court term

President of the Industrial Court wants the labour movement, the business sector and government to work together in these difficult economic times.

Deborah Thomas-Felix was speaking at the...

Embedded thumbnail for Eye on Hurricane Irma

Now over the last few days, we've been tracking Hurricane Irma, a potentially catastrophic category 5 hurricane, which is blasting through the northern islands and heading toward Puerto Rico....

Embedded thumbnail for Mother's hope of daughter's return home ends in sadness

A mother's hope for her daughter to return home ends in sadness.

Sylvia Nelson is now left with memories of her daughter whose bravery inspired many.

We have more for you in this...

Embedded thumbnail for Population split in the middle on welcoming Dominicans

It has been described as a humanitarian crisis and the prime minister has offered a humane response.

But it seems as though the population is split in the middle on the idea of locals...

Embedded thumbnail for PM: Criminals beware

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says the government is taking steps to ensure that the police service can focus on the types of crimes that are the most worrisome.

Jannelle Bernard tells us...

Embedded thumbnail for Police officers could face criminal charges for "day of total policing"

Some police officers may be facing the possibility of criminal and disciplinary action following an investigation by the police complaint authority into the “total day of policing.”

The PCA...