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World Cup 2018 - Live on CNC3

Embedded thumbnail for Cassandra goes for gold

Cassandra Khan take a bow.

The Naparima Girls High School student not only copped the president's gold medal for outstanding performance in this year's CSEC exams but did it by getting all...

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The education ministry has embarked on a review of the education act in a bid to revise the current school's code of conduct, and the education ministry is encouraging parents to get involved in...

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An international initiative to end period poverty has been launched in Trinidad and Tobago.

The campaign, as we learn more in this report by Micheal Ramsingh, is...

Embedded thumbnail for Gov't, Opposition square off over Couva Children's Hospital

Government and Opposition square off over the Couva Children's Hospital.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says the facility was built to tug at the heartstrings of the population.

Embedded thumbnail for "Don't jump to conclusions" about video with minors

Concern tonight about the conduct of young children seen in a social media video. 

But citizens are being cautioned against rushing to judgment when it comes to citizens from communities...

Embedded thumbnail for Shenice Stanislaus top SEA student in Tobago

And over in Tobago, the top student title goes to Shenice Stanislaus of the St. Andrew's Anglican school.

Our cameras caught up with the action. Here's more.

Embedded thumbnail for Residents continue search for baby they believe was thrown into pond

Residents of Corinth/Cedar Hill are continuing the search for a baby that they believe was thrown into the Usine St Madeline pond on Tuesday night.


Embedded thumbnail for Barataria South students face possible expulsion over teacher-beating incident

Students who beat a teacher at the Barataria South Secondary School over the use of scratch bombs could face expulsion.

Both the Education Minister and the head of the Trinidad and Tobago ...

Embedded thumbnail for Prison officer's murder comes days after video of a threat went viral

Another prison officer is shot and killed, this time in broad daylight in the centre of the capital city.


Less than a week after her third ministerial appointment, the man who may have cost Marlene McDonald her job is speaking out.

Community leader Cedric Burke says he is happy his member of...

Embedded thumbnail for OWTU tells gov't to call elections or resign

The OWTU  is calling for the government to call an election now or resign.

The union held a news conference today where its members continued to express outrage over the closure of the...