Embedded thumbnail for 2500 WASA leaks

Thirty-four people have been charged for breaching water use restrictions.

But while citizens are being asked to conserve water, WASA has more than seven hundred leaks in its system.

Embedded thumbnail for Government will consider new speed limit

Works Minister Fitzgerald Hinds is tonight giving the assurance that consultation will take place on increasing the speed limit from 80 km/h.

The Minister was asked by Opposition Senator...

Embedded thumbnail for Oropouche residents continue cremations at Shore of Peace amid controversy

Oropouche residents braved heavy rains Sunday to ensure that cremations on the Shore of Peace went on as usual.
The group gathered at the site which has been an issue of contention since a...

Embedded thumbnail for Hare Krishna devotees parade through Port-of-Spain

Members of the Hare Krishna faith paraded through the streets of the capital city this weekend to celebrate one of India's most prestigious Hindu customs.
Samuel McKnight has more.


Embedded thumbnail for Florida renames street after late T&T national

Vishwanath "Joy" Sawh has become the first Trinidadian to have a street named after him in Florida, in the United States of America.
The city of Lauderhill staged a street-naming ceremony...

Embedded thumbnail for AG - I don't report everything to PM

The Prime Minister and Attorney General seem to be at odds over the decriminalization of marijuana.

Responding to today's Guardian newspaper, the Prime Minister says government has not...

Embedded thumbnail for PCA launches probe into high ranking police officers and former politicians

The Police Complaints Authority has started its investigation into allegations of bribery involving several high-ranking police officers and former politicians.

Embedded thumbnail for Petition gains momentum

The Transport Minister is open to discussing changes to the speed limit as an online petition calling for it to be increased to 120 km/per hour on highways garners over 4,500 signatures in just...

Embedded thumbnail for Stench shuts down school

Students attending a pre-school in Morvant had to be evacuated from the compound this morning after the stench from a nearby sewage leak became unbearable.

Residents from the housing...

Embedded thumbnail for New dates set for Brian Lara Stadium construction.

Udecott has announced new dates for the construction of the Brian Lara Stadium.

This, as the state company says there was nothing standing in the way of its completion.


Embedded thumbnail for No fare increases for commuters heading west

Commuters using the Diego Martin, Petit Valley and the Carenage taxi routes are unlikely to face fare increases.
But commuters in other parts of the country, aren't as fortunate.

Embedded thumbnail for How a flight simulator helps the autistic overcome fear of flying

In our weekly feature, Against the Odds, we show you how a flight simulator is being used to help people with autism overcome their fear of flying.
CNC3's Enterprise Team of Michael Ramsingh...