Embedded thumbnail for Court grants injunction against TSTT

The Industrial Court has granted an injunction against TSTT.

The ruling was handed down just after 5 pm today.

CWU general secretary Clyde Elder spoke outside the Industrial Court....

Embedded thumbnail for PSA president threatens to disrupt Carnival

PSA president Watson Duke is promising to disrupt carnival if issues surrounding airport workers are not addressed before next Fridayy.


Police are still searching for one suspect in relation to a robbery in Marabella yesterday, in which one officer was shot and injured.

Embedded thumbnail for Education ministry agrees to increase stipend paid to private schools but Cabinet will decide final amount

The ministry of education has agreed to increase its stipend paid per student to each privately run secondary school.

 But the cabinet will decide how much more the state is willing to...

Embedded thumbnail for Nyree Alfonso  - Bring it on, Mr AG

Nyree Alfonso responded to the threat of being sued by the office of the Attorney General on the Morning Brew with Hema Ramkissoon today.

Embedded thumbnail for Gov't considering shutting-off Carnival 9pm Carnival Tuesday

There will be less time for Carnival in 2020, if the government has its way.

National Security Minister Stuart Young says Cabinet will be considering a proposal to end the revelry by 9pm on...

Embedded thumbnail for No data suggest 40'000 Venezuelans in T&T

The national security minister says an assertion on Tuesday that there are forty thousand Venezuelans in T&T is not supported by data.

Further to this, he says there's even less...

Embedded thumbnail for Westmoorings drug bust

A major drug and gun bust in Westmoorings today led to the arrest of five people, including a woman who national security minister Stuart Young says is not related to him.

 The bust was led...

Jason Jones on the court ruling

Embedded thumbnail for ASJA to speak out on court's decision to allow sex among consenting males

One imam is saying that ASJA will have a lot to say very soon on the decision by the courts which now makes it legal for two consenting male adults to have sex.

According to Imam Kazim Ali...

Embedded thumbnail for Laventille residents threaten massive protest

St Barb's residents are threatening a massive protest on the first day of school in September.

They say there are several issues in the constituency of Laventille West which are being...

The man accused of the quadruple La Brea murders appeared in court this morning to jeers from the victim's relatives who demanded to see his face.

The 39-year-old PH taxi driver is facing...