Embedded thumbnail for Trini attempts to travel around the world in record time

One Trinidadian is making a bid to enter the Guinness world book of records.

Brent Pinheiro is attempting to travel via scheduled transport to seven continents in 120 hours or less to raise...

Embedded thumbnail for Two men escape fiery death

Two men escaped a fiery death this morning but their home, which has been attacked several times by arsonists in the past, was destroyed.

Authorities are now on the hunt for persons they...

Embedded thumbnail for Locally-produced 'Jahaji Family' depicts rich history of indentureship

The writer and director behind a locally produced film are hoping that it becomes a hit.

The movie 'Jahaji Family' premiered at SAPA over the last weekend. 

As we hear in this report...

A story of harassment and terror as fishermen complain of being bullied on the seas.

This as three of their own are said to be in the custody of Venezuelan officials after a hijacking...

The opposition senate bench today called for the removal of the chief election officer because she is a relative of a sitting government...

Embedded thumbnail for Drone video of highway

Drone video of the Uriah Butler Highway as the water subsides. Courtesy the TTPS.

Embedded thumbnail for Call for more security at Maracas Bay

There is a call tonight for increased security at Maracas Bay after a shooting incident which left one man dead and three others wounded.

Otto Carrington visited Maracas Bay today, and as...

Embedded thumbnail for Attorney wants fraud investigation into the Chaguanas Borough Corporation

Days after 10 people were charged with allegedly defrauding one regional corporation, concerns are being raised about the pay sheets of...

Embedded thumbnail for New Tobago Chamber VP wants immediate solution to inter-island transport woes

Newly elected Tobago Chamber vice-president Martin George is calling for an immediate solution to the inter-island transport situation....

Embedded thumbnail for Another public scandal for Police Service

One day after two of its officers were implicated in a violent row, the Police Service is now investigating questionable images....

Embedded thumbnail for Christmas in Gasparillo

In this Christmas Capsule, we head to the community of Gasparillo where one school is trying to keep the tradition of carolling alive.

Embedded thumbnail for Petrotrin's plight, the worker's dilemma

Petrotrin's plight, the worker's dilemma