For most people, Saturday morning is dedicated to chores — and they dread it. But what if you skewed your perspective and looked at it as more of a workout than a chore? Let’s be real, why do...
Embedded thumbnail for DPP's south office to move to Gulf City Mall?

There are questions tonight over the proposed move of the DPP's south office to Gulf City Mall.

Concerns were raised by JSC member Prakash Ramadhar who says there are buildings closer to...

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Payless shoe store is continuing its annual tradition by giving the gift of shoes to the children of the Cyril Ross home and St Vincent De Paul.

As Otto Carrington tells us, patron of the...

Embedded thumbnail for 'Dillon Must Go' - Protesters lie on ground outside Parliament

A group of citizens protested outside the Parliament Chamber today chanting "Dillon must go", as they highlighted the number of persons murdered so far this year.

The protesters lay on the...

This video was sent to us by Kevaughn via the CNC3 App's My Eye feature.

Kevaugh called the video, "Trini madness!"

It shows a flapping roof on the Lions Building along Circular Road...

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No laughing matter with Akash Samaroo

Embedded thumbnail for Rudder performs at Socadrome

Veteran calypsonian David Rudder performs at the Socadrome Carnival Tuesday. Video by Rishard Khan.

Embedded thumbnail for Oil company takes OWTU to court over wages

An oil company is taking the OWTU to the High Court following a protest over wages.

Lennox Petroleum Services Limited says OWTU members assaulted a security guard and stormed the premises...

Embedded thumbnail for Credit card users could face difficulties if tax bill is not passed

Citizens could face difficulty using their credit cards if this country fails to meet international tax compliance obligations.

Embedded thumbnail for Opposition says honour appointment of Dulalchan

The nominee for the post of top cop gets opposition support, and the government is being told to honour the recommendation of the police service commission and appoint Deodath Dulalchan to the...

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Afternoon News Headlines for Thursday 25th January, 2017

Embedded thumbnail for Why wasn't the bus route opened?

A man was shot and killed near the Beetham landfill this morning.

CNC3 news understands a passerby stumbled upon the lifeless body around 6 am and notified the authorities.