Embedded thumbnail for No inspections stickers, computer glitch to blame

A computer glitch resulted in motorists being turned away from getting inspection stickers at the Port of Spain licensing division today. 

Embedded thumbnail for Carnival Update: Visitors feeling safe despite threat to disrupt Carnival

Jannelle Bernard speaks to visitors in downtown Port-of-Spain about their safety concerns following a threat to Carnival disclosed by the police.

Embedded thumbnail for National awardee celebrates 100 years

A national awardee is celebrating her birthday, but it’s not just any celebration.

Today, Ena Doyle celebrated her 100th birthday.

Otto Carrington tells us more in this report.

Embedded thumbnail for Deyalsingh says his ministry has contingency plan in place for protest

Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh says his ministry has a contingency plan in place for a planned day of rest and reflection on Friday by the labour movement.

The minister says so far his...

Yes, you read it right! This week we are talking about wigs but not just any regular wig as you may see commonly but bright neon wigs. Women have been wearing wigs for centuries yet many of us are...

Embedded thumbnail for Venezuelans go into hiding following deportations

Venezuelans immigrants in this country say they are living in fear.

Over the weekend over 80 Venezuelans, who were being held at the Detention Centre, were deported back to the South...

Embedded thumbnail for JTUM: Address crime

Members of the Joint Trade Union say its time for the government to effectively address the current crime scourge.

This as the union body prepares to commemorate labour day 2018.


Embedded thumbnail for Pantrinbago President defends against allegations of mismanagement

President of Pantrinbago Keith Diaz, is defending his organisation against criticisms of mismanagement.

The lead pan man told CNC3 that those questioning his organisation's spending need...

Embedded thumbnail for Tips for monitoring your kids' social media

Tips for monitoring your kids' social media

Embedded thumbnail for Opposition stays away from Parliament's FATCA debate

All hope of passing the FATCA Bill before the end of 2016 was dashed when the Opposition boycotted today's sitting of the House of...

Embedded thumbnail for Maloney celebrates CXC success

The community of Maloney is celebrating the achievements of several of its young men who defied the odds and performed better than expected in their CXC exams.

A picture of the teenagers...