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Robots are a symbol of the future. But for four young Presentation College Students, that future is now.

Tonight in our kids who inspire series we speak with the team that not only built...

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A new development in the government's gas agreement with Venezuela as the prime minister claims there are attempts to possibly sabotage the deal.

He made the revelation in the parliament ...

The family of Corrine Singh is taking matters into their own hands. 


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In celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence, we take a look at T&T’s Firsts.

Events in our history that helped shape the nation into what it is today.

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Bliss crossing the Socadrome stage Carnival Tuesday

Embedded thumbnail for Affected owners of The People's Mall to meet on Thursday

Early this morning a fire gutted a cluster of small shops along henry street known as the people's mall company limited.
while mall owners say there are plans to build a proper mall...

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That's was a new series in the weekend news called "Take Me To".

In it we will be featuring various sites and attractions in Trinidad and Tobago.

For our first episode cameraman...

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Morning News Headlines for Wednesday 24th, January, 2018.

Embedded thumbnail for Residents still in shelters

The rains may have cleared for now and flood waters receding but some citizens are yet to spend a night back in their own homes.

In Kelly Village residents are keeping shelters open.

Embedded thumbnail for Good Samaritan offers to fix flooded appliances

It has been one week since heavy rains caused flooding across Trinidad leaving thousands with heavy hearts as they lost everything.

Everything but each other.

Since the disaster...

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Member of Parliament for La Horquetta - Talparo, Maxie Cuffie is back on the job.
Cuffie was out and about in his constituency on Saturday as Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan...