Embedded thumbnail for President -elect Paula-Mae Weekes speaks to the media

President-elect Madame Justice Paula-Mae Weekes for the first time briefly fielded questions from the media after receiving her instruments of election.

This is what she had to say.

Embedded thumbnail for HDC was aware of drainage problems in Greenvale

The HDC was aware of drainage problems at the Greenvale park housing development.

And the housing corporation says it was working towards rectifying the problem.

Setting the record straight!
The prime minister tells international footwear manufacturer, Adidas, there is no country called Trinidad but rather Trinidad and Tobago.
The admonition...

Embedded thumbnail for Hinds not letting actions of few stop him from representing constituency

Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds is saying he has no hard feelings towards residents of Beetham who threw dirty flood waters at him.

In his first television interview since the incident...

After a 10-year consecutive loss totaling over $400 million, the state makes moves to leasing the Magdalena Grand Hotel.


Leftovers are never a bad thing. Whether it be home-...

Embedded thumbnail for President suggests overhaul of education system

As the president honours the top academic performers for 2018, she makes a bold call for a complete overhaul of the education system.

She told president medal winners that education goes...

Embedded thumbnail for Messi's body found

A Port of Spain family is mourning the loss of their child after tragedy struck during a family outing.

Messi Gorkin's family initially thought the boy had been taken by someone.


Embedded thumbnail for Senator: Establish an independent body to investigate prison officers

Establish an independent body to investigate prison officers.


Embedded thumbnail for Point Fortin residents continue to battle smoke

It’s now the fifth day that residents of Mahaica, Point Fortin have been coping with thick white smoke emanating from a huge bush fire.

Multimedia journalist...

Embedded thumbnail for Journalists come face-to-face with alleged attackers

As the investigation continues into the attack against journalists, police and Guardian staff returned to A&V Oil and Gas for evidence gathering.

But while that was being done, the...