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Eleven persons are in custody after a police raid in south Trinidad.

The arrests are believed to be in connection with several violent crimes. But the suspects weren't the only discovery....

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Opposition MP for Oropouche East, Dr Roodal Moonilal spoke to the media outside of the Parliament today.

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In business news, a local I.T. Company says that they are removing the lengthy and costly process of business growth.

We have more from Kyron Regis.


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Security has been beefed up to prevent sabotage of the Galleons passage.

Works and transport minister Rohan Sinanan says there are people who deliberately tampered with previous vessels and...

The minister of education has listed three schools where he believes acts of sabotage have been perpetrated on the sewer systems.

He said the acts resulted in several closures and barrage...

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From as early as 5am today members of the armed forces moved in to demolish structures along the popular fishing village at Alcan Bay, Chaguaramas.

While many watched on as structures were...

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Expect an increase in your grocery bill come May as one of the largest food distributing companies in the country has already informed supermarkets that it will be increasing its prices on May 1st...

Embedded thumbnail for Aripo celebrates the life of its oldest resident

The community of Aripo gathered today to celebrate the life of their oldest resident.

Michael Ramsingh was at the St. Jude Roman Catholic primary school today for the celebration of Julia...

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More than a decade after it signed off, Trinidad and Tobago television will return.

Cabinet today took a decision to wind up state owned CNMG television and restart the media house well...

Prime minister Dr. Keith Rowley says the threat to Carnival was unlike any other this country has ever faced.

Dr. Rowley spoke on the issue for the first time today saying it was no joke....

Embedded thumbnail for Debt, high wage bill, financial loss behind TSTT retrenchment

More than five hundred employees of TSTT have been sent home as the company embarks on a retrenchment exercise.

The telecoms provider says this is part of its organisational transformation...

Embedded thumbnail for Attorney: PM's marijuana assessment 'ill conceived'

“Ill conceived”, is how one criminal attorney describes the PM's statement connecting simple marijuana possession, lawyers fees and violent crime.

Ian Brooks questions from where Dr Rowley...