Embedded thumbnail for PM appoints businessman Christian Mouttet to investigate vessel contracts

Criticism reigns in as businessman Christian Mouttet is handpicked by the prime minister to investigate the charters for the Cabo Star and Ocean Flower two.

In a letter dated August 15th,...

It blew up on my newsfeed. It was all over my Facebook and Instagram. And from the moment I saw it, I felt a rush of euphoria run through my veins. Never would I have thought that something so...

Embedded thumbnail for OWTU threatens to shut down country

The Joint Trade Union Movement is warning the government to brace for a "tsunami response" to its national day of resistance.

The union is threatening to shut down the country over...

Embedded thumbnail for “The history of West Indies cricket through Calypsoes”

A man who has achieved the monumental feat of documenting the body of calypsos on cricket.

It’s all in his incredible book  “The history of West Indies cricket through Calypsos.”

Embedded thumbnail for Journalist calls for investigation into the behaviour of PEP political leader

The equal opportunities commission has been asked to investigate the behaviour of a political leader online.

Acting on behalf of journalist Kejan Haynes, new city chambers calls on the EOC...

Embedded thumbnail for Beetham residents affected by flood receive aid

Private and public sector agencies today come together to deliver aid to Beetham residents affected by recent floods.

But relief workers say they received a call saying MP Fitzgerald Hinds...

Embedded thumbnail for The backstory of the Independence Square wedding proposal

Two Fridays ago Josiah Hinds “risked it all” and got down on one knee on Independence Square and proposed to his girlfriend.

Theirs has been the second wedding proposal to go viral within...

Simultaneous protests in Port-of-Spain, Trincity and Siparia today by Republic Bank workers.

The workers are complaining over stalled negotiations for salary increases, and their...

Embedded thumbnail for Over 20,000 guns on T&T streets

It's being described as a one hundred million dollar industry.

The Joint Select Committee of Parliament was today made privy to classified information showing that T&T is now also a...

Embedded thumbnail for St Helena residents count their losses

Residents of St Helena spent the day cleaning after days of flooding but they say they have lost everything in their homes and they now have to start over.

Meanwhile, parts of Kelly Village...

Embedded thumbnail for Kids who Inspire: Christen Maharaj

Every year in Trinidad and Tobago, a great battle is fought. In great style, hundreds and maybe thousands of spectators turn up to see the reenactment.

Among the actors, you would see in...

Embedded thumbnail for Medical Intern removed from duty pending investigation of alleged racist rant

The health minister is confirming that the medical intern who allegedly posted a racist rant on social media, has been removed from active duty pending the outcome of an investigation.