Embedded thumbnail for Making a marijuana cookie - Dangerous drug or wonder weed?

Urvashi Tiwari-Roopnarine explores whether marijuana is a dangerous drug or wonder weed.

Embedded thumbnail for The Rundown, Season 8, Episode 6

The Rundown, Season 8, Episode 6

Embedded thumbnail for School too hot to function

Teachers of the Princes Town East Secondary School say they are unable to work under the present conditions.

Teachers are falling ill because they say there is no ventilation at the...

Embedded thumbnail for Sports Insight: Kale Della Costa

Kale Della Costa began playing tennis merely by chance.

 And now, the young player is considered one of the brightest prospects on the local circuit.

Astil Renn has his story in...

Another delay for the Anti-Terrorism Bill as Muslim leaders call for more time to consider the legislation.

Various members representing Islamic organizations from across Trinidad and...

Embedded thumbnail for Lead in Guanapo river 75 percent over accepted limit

The UWI report on the impact of the Guanapo landfill on the water supply finds that lead concentration is as high as seventy-five times the accepted limited.

Embedded thumbnail for PNM Internal Elections: PM votes

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley speaks to the media after voting at St Anthony's College in the PNM's internal elections. The post of political leader, which he holds, is unchallenged.

Chief justice Ivor Archie is back on the job after proceeding on 6 weeks vacation back in March.

While the judiciary has confirmed Mr Archie's return and that he presided in court today,...

Embedded thumbnail for JTUM: PNM worse than People's Partnership

The Joint Trade Union movement says the PNM led government is doing worse than the people's partnership government.

JTUM  launched its public campaign in Arima today for a national day of...

Embedded thumbnail for JLSC error picked up

All eyes will now be on president Paula Mae Weekes to see how an error made in the appointment of an appeal court judge as a member of the JLSC would be corrected.

In response to a letter...

Embedded thumbnail for Agriculture Minister takes blame for locust invasion

The agriculture ministry is taking the blame for the locust invasion in Rio Claro.

Minister Clarence Rambharat says his ministry did not move fast enough to spray the locusts, and what...

Embedded thumbnail for A plot to destroy nurseries?

Tomorrow the Agriculture society says it will be providing evidence to show the government is misleading the public and is, in fact, seeking to destroy the St Augustine nurseries.

But the...