‘They let my wife die’

Glen Pe­ters, 45, is seek­ing an­swers from of­fi­cials of the To­ba­go Re­gion­al Health Au­thor­i­ty (TRHA) fol­low­ing the death of his 48-year-old wife Mavis John-Pe­ters last week.

The death cer­tifi­cate showed that she died of stom­ach can­cer.

Pe­ters, who lives in De­laford, claims there were de­lays in di­ag­nos­ing his wife’s con­di­tion when she was ad­mit­ted to the Scar­bor­ough Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal and he be­lieves this is why she en­sured “bad pain, sleep­less nights and then let her die.”

He said: “She was go­ing to the hos­pi­tal since Sep­tem­ber and every time she went they gave her Panadol and even­tu­al­ly high blood pres­sure tablets. I begged them to do tests to see what was wrong with her as she was in plen­ty of pain and vom­it­ing all the time, but no­body lis­tened to me.

“Every time we went to Ca­su­al­ty doc­tors and nurs­es treat­ed us as though we were no­body, even when we begged,” he claimed.

Pe­ter’s sit­u­a­tion was first high­light­ed on Face­book by the rep­re­sen­ta­tive for Par­latu­vi­er/L’Anse Four­mi/ Spey­side in the To­ba­go House of As­sem­bly (THA) Far­ley Au­gus­tine.

Far­ley said he tried to help Pe­ters af­ter he heard of the man’s plight. He used his clout to get a biop­sy done on John-Pe­ters, but noth­ing hap­pened at first.

“You can beg all you can but no one will budge . . . peo­ple on­ly move when you go on tv (tele­vi­sion) or Face­book and be­have undiplo­mat­i­cal­ly,” Far­ley post­ed on Face­book.

He said the biop­sy was even­tu­al­ly done but Pe­ters nev­er got the re­sults.

Pe­ters said he had turned to Far­ley to help him beg.

“I begged every day, all the doc­tors and nurs­es af­ter I saw my wife in pain and he (Far­ley) helped but no­body lis­tened and then we got some help,” he said.

He thanked Far­ley and is now de­mand­ing an­swers from the TRHA.

“Why did they let my wife suf­fer from Sep­tem­ber to De­cem­ber? Who do you have to see to get some at­ten­tion in To­ba­go?” he asked.

Ef­forts to get com­ments from the To­ba­go Re­gion­al Health Au­thor­i­ty (TRHA) were fu­tile. Mes­sages sent via email, What­sApp and tele­phone to Man­ag­er of Cor­po­rate Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Maria- An­toinette Mo­ra were not an­swered.

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