100 school technicians sent home, Education Minister says it's temporary

Friday, November 24, 2017 - 12:30

Right now there are no ICT techs in the nation's schools but the education minister says that is just a temporary issue due to a current assessment process being undertaken by the ministry.

The IT technicians are on a month to month contract with the ministry, but recently none of their contracts has been renewed.

According to Minister Anthony Garcia, there are about 100 IT techs attached to the ministry.

However, due to the country's financial constraints, the ministry has undertaken an assessment drive to ensure there isn't any wastage in that department.

That means right now, the 100 or so workers are without a job, but the minister is advising that they do not panic and wait until the end of the term when the assessment will be over.

But what that means is not everyone may get back their jobs.

The IT techs told us that each of them is assigned to 6 schools, 1 secondary and 5 primary.

Minister Garcia says that may have to change as one technician may have to be assigned to a cluster of secondary and primary schools.

TUTTA  has expressed its dissatisfaction with the process saying that a time when the education system is moving towards a digital age, those tasked with aiding in that transition are being sent home.