$3.4 million in marijuana go up in flames following police exercises

Eight marijuana fields, four camps and over 3,000 fully grown marijuana trees were destroyed during a marijuana eradication exercise, conducted by officers of the Eastern Division, in the Sangre Grande district.

Supervised by Cpl. Neil Narine, of the Eastern Division Task Force (EDTF), the exercise included officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit, Air Support Unit and the EDTF.

The exercise, which took place between 7 am and 4 pm on Friday 18th May, 2018, resulted in officers destroying the eight fields and four camps which contained 3,090 fully grown marijuana trees, 9,500 seedlings and 43.5 kilogrammes of cured marijuana.

Officers also discovered one shot gun with seven rounds of 12 gauge cartridges, one trap gun and one camouflage kit.

The drug has an estimated street value of $3,424,060.00.

While no arrests were made in connection to the finds, officers who were leaving the site of the recently destroyed camps, had cause to arrest a 63- year-old man for possession of 81 grammes of marijuana.

Armatus Riley, of Charuma Village, Biche, was seen behaving in a suspicious manner and was stopped and searched by EDTF officers.

The search resulted in officers discovering the drug. Riley was later charged by PC Naresh Kalicharan.


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