$40 million shoreline project helps save 35 Cap-de-Ville houses

Within two decades, five homes in Cap-de-Ville have fallen into the sea as climate change wreaks havoc on the southwestern coastlines.

However, thanks to a $40 million Cap-de-Ville Shoreline Stabilisation project, more than 35 homes from Sunset Beach, Chinkit Street, Seaview Drive and Beach Road are now saved from the wrath of the sea.

In an exclusive interview with Guardian Media, director of the Coastal Protection Unit Candice Gray-Bernard said the project started in December 2018 and was part of the Critical Coastal Protection Programme.

Gray-Bernard said the stabilisation works extends for 1,000 kilometres and will be completed next year.

Asked why works were being done at Cap-de-Ville and not in Bamboo Village, Cedros where four houses caved into the sea splintering the community, Gray- Bernard said the University of the West Indies' Engineering Institute was doing a full geotechnical analysis on the Bamboo landslip.

She noted that preliminary studies show that other factors outside of climate change were responsible for the Bamboo landslip. 

She said once UWI completes its analysis, a cliff sustainability solution will be done.

Gray-Bernard also said the Cap-de-Ville project was one of five projects that were currently in progress.

Meanwhile, residents said they were relieved that something was being done to alleviate the crisis.

In August last year, residents dropped and, gravel and used tyres to help to save the eroding coast.

Pastor Teabrohan Ramdas said before the stablisation project started, several feet of seawater had entered his home and church.

"Things were so bad that we could not keep out the sea from coming into the house, "he said.

Last year while officiating at a wedding, the sea entered the church and splashed guests.

He said five houses were claimed by the sea adding that the Atlantic LNG trains had devastated the coastline.

"Before the LNG trains were built, here was nice. Now the sea is right outside our doors. We are so grateful that something is now being done, " he added.

Guardian Media will bring you more as this story unfolds.

- by Radhica De Silva


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