42 hired by replacement companies, 18 are former Petrotrin workers

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Franklin Khan has confirmed that 42 people have so far been hired to fill places in the three new companies that will replace Petrotrin.

The minister told the House of Representatives today that 18 of the 42 are former employees of Petrotrin and 24 are new.

Minister Khan said that the Heritage Petroleum Company Limited has hired 39 senior and middle managers.

Of the 39, 16 are former Petrotrin employees and 23 did not work with Petrotrin before.

With regards to the Paria Trading Company Limited, three senior managers have been hired, two of whom are former Petrotrin employees.

The minister said that no one has been hired by the Guaracara Refining Company Limited so far.

Minister Khan noted Guracara will be the custodian of the refinery's assets and that limited employees will be required.

He said those employees will be hired shortly.

The minister told the Lower House around 1.45 pm Friday, that as he spoke the plant had already been successfully shut down.

He said it was done in accordance with environmental practices and is now secured and safe.

- by Sampson Nanton

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