$4.5 million in drugs seized

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 - 20:00

Five men are now in police custody in relation to 4.5 million in drugs found in the Central area today.

According to reports police also recovered several firearms and ammunition.
The exercise took place in Freeport and Felicity by officers assigned to Central division's major crimes unit, Task Force and Operational Unit.
In the first incident, three men were held in a vehicle in Freeport.

A .32 pistol and 13 rounds of ammunition were found in their possession. All three men are from Freeport.
In the second incident, officers acted upon information received and went to a house, also in Freeport, where they found and seized about 17 kilogrammes of cocaine.

No one was arrested.
In another house, however, officers arrested two people after three kilograms of cocaine was found and seized.
In the third incident, officers went to a bushy area, adjacent to a known drug block in Union village, Felicity, in the vicinity of the cemetery where they found one 9 mm pistol and three rounds of ammunition.
A five-gallon bucket containing a large quantity of high-grade marijuana was also discovered.

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