5-year-old student dies of suspected case of meningitis

A 5-year-old student who died of suspected meningitis has forced the Ministry of Education to shut down and sanitize a primary school. 

The Education Ministry confirmed its actions today and the child's death.

It said the child who is a student of Fifth Company Baptist Primary was hospitalized at San Fernando General on March 11.

Five days later, the father of the infant one student informed the school about the death of his daughter.  

However, the ministry says the cause of death will only be determined after the autopsy.

Following the father's disclosure, the school’s principal took immediate action to dismiss classes at about 2 pm and implemented all necessary safety protocols.

The school cleaners conducted a cleaning and sanitation exercise, while ministry of health officials were contacted.

A team of medical personnel from the Princes Town District Health Facility visited the Fifth Company Baptist Primary School on Monday.

The medical team has described their investigations so far as a working diagnosis and has not pronounced on the origin of the suspected disease.

The medical team will return to the school tomorrow to conduct a screening exercise for students.

A meeting will also be held with parents to update them about further interventions to be taken at the school.


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