5000-tonne barge ready to sail to Dominica but no word yet on Coast Guard support

The 5000-tonne barge set to deliver supplies to Dominica is set to leave the country at 2 pm on Friday but there is one problem, the Coast Guard is yet to indicate whether it will accompany the barge all the way.

Ashmeade Ali Contracting Services Limited offered the barge for the delivery of relief items destined for hurricane-ravaged Dominica.

But speaking to CNC3 tonight, Ali said that they are yet to get confirmation from the Coast Guard as to whether or not a vessel will accompany them along the way.

The barge will be pulled by a tub boat but with well over a million dollars in relief supplies on board, Ali and his team have requested support from the Coast Guard.

He told CNC3 that while Coast Guard officials were in touch with him up to today, there was still no confirmation that support would be given.

Among the supplies are water, clothes, building material (bricks, lumber, galvanise, cement), food products, soft drinks and baby products, all of which were donated by citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Ashmeade Ali, who owns the barge, said he will be making the trip to Dominica to ensure the items reach the victims.

Dominica was ravaged by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago. Approximately 90 percent of the country was destroyed.

CNC3 has sought a reply from the Coast Guard on the concerns raised about the barge.

Earlier today, the Coast Guard announced that one of its vessels, the TT Brighton, had delivered 23.3 tonnes of relief supplies to Dominica.


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