58 Cuban pharmacists, nurses join health sector

The Ministry of Health says it is continuing its recruitment drive of medical professionals from the Republic of Cuba with the recent intake of 58 specialist healthcare professionals. 

The ministry says this ongoing recruitment is part of its overall strategy to address the shortage of appropriately qualified and experienced health professionals in the public health system. 

This is the second batch of Cuban nationals who have been integrated into the public health sector for 2019. 

As with their predecessors, they have been contracted for a period of three years to fill vacancies that have not been filled by qualified nationals.
Of the 58 healthcare professionals in this cohort, 11 are pharmacists and 47 are nurses who specialise in the fields of Neonatology, Haemodialysis, Oncology, Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Community, Emergency and Intensive Care.
They are currently undergoing a one-week orientation and will join their colleagues at the regional health authorities. 

"The Ministry of Health continues to steadfastly move towards the delivery of first-class healthcare to the public, with the recruitment of qualified professionals a key part of that goal," the statement says.



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