8 arrested in raid on mosque; masks seized

A 16-year-old boy and seven others, who were arrested during a police raid at a mosque in Cocorite are expected to be placed on several identification parades.

Police sources said according to intelligence received the eight are suspected to be involved in gang-related activities including shootings and murders.

Police also said they are believed to be members of a gang that operate out of the Waterhole and Powder Magazine Phase 1 areas.

According to a police report, at about 8 pm on Tuesday, a team of police officers from the Western Division Task Force and St James CID acted on intelligence and went to a mosque where they conducted a search.

The officers found allegedly hidden in the ceiling of the mosque, several masks & ski masks that the officers suspect were used during different shooting incidents in the said area over the past two weeks.

The exercise was coordinated by Acting Superintendent Thompson and Inspector Vincent and included Acting Sgt. Samuel, P.C's Murray,  Gilkes, Mc Clean, Genty, Bart, Roberts, Joseph, and several other officers.

On Tuesday, police officers of the Western Division called on members of the public to help them in identifying the people behind Monday night’s rapid gunfire in the Cocorite area.

According to a police report, during the hours of 9 pm on Monday, residents at Waterhole made several calls to E999 reporting unknown gunmen in the area shooting at their homes and cars.

No one was injured during the incident.

Police said residents are very fearful, some of which have vowed to move out.

- Rhondor Dowlat

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