8-year-old Serenity needs help with medical expenses

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 11:15

The mother of an eight-year-old child who is in desperate need of medical treatment, has made a public plea on Facebook for financial assistance.

Her daughter, Serenity must travel to Colombia by the second week of January but her mother will lose the funding being provided by an international organisation, if she does not raise roughly TT$40,000 by December 20th.

Serenity suffers with a bowel problem that has forced her to miss school and must constantly be monitored.

Her plight has been highlighted by Care Parenting, which posted the following on its Facebook page:

"The medical records have been verified and the request has been approved as legit. This mother needs to raise approx. US$5,000. by 20th December to pay for Airline tickets, Accommodation and other travel related expenses.The Hospital fees and operation will be handled by Hope of a Miracle Foundation. Donations can be deposited to JMMB (charity) Account 2219860403. Further information, please contact me 791-0903."

Serenity's mother, Dinah, told CNC3 that after exhausting all her options in T&T, she contacted the Hope of America Foundation and was approved for treatment in Colombia.

She said she has to come up with a percentage of the funding and all expenses, including accommodation, meals and transport. for a three-month stay in Colombia where the treatment will be done.

Dinah said she is unemployed and was recently evicted from the place where she lived, making it even more difficult for her to get by.

Care Parenting, which is also on a drive to help raise the fund for Serenity, is appealing to anyone who wishes to help to deposit the funds directly into the account number listed above.

The organisation says anyone seeking further information can either call the number above or contact its founder Marsha Riley at 684-1200. 

Inquiries can also be made via the email address [email protected].

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