$90 million in traffic tickets for 2018

The Police Service issued $90 million worth of tickets in 2018.

That’s according to the Police Service’s traffic branch, which says a total of 38,078 speeding tickets were issued to motorists at a value of $38 million.

Of that figure, the majority were issued on main roads accounting for 25,512 with the remaining 12,566 tickets being issued on the nation’s highways. 

That’s an average of 104 speeding tickets issued each day in 2018. 

Additionally, 68,970 fixed penalty tickets were issued for other traffic violations amounting to $52 million.

The top reasons motorists were ticketed other than speeding were failure to comply with traffic signs, defaced license plates, breach of traffic lights, overtaking on the shoulder, failure to wear seatbelts and cellphone use while driving. 

The TTPS also noted that 3,411 people were arrested for driving under the influence.

The statistics were provided today as the police service announced an overall reduction in road fatalities for 2018. Inspector Kissoon Badloo says there were 112 road traffic deaths, the lowest figure since 1958.

- by Khamal Georges

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