Abused woman cries for help after failed suicide

A Central woman remains warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, after she digested a poisonous substance in an attempt to take her own life due to the suffering she claims to have undergone at the hands of an abusive husband.

The woman, in a letter which was posted on social media by someone close to the situation over the weekend, is now pleading for assistance from the authorities, saying she does not know where to turn.

The woman said she has been a victim of abuse for the past 17 years at the hands of her husband, who she claims is a member of the Defence Force. She claims her daughter also suffers a similar fate.

“He would beat me and tell me I always have man until on Monday he came home and started cursing and beating me until I got fed up and drank poison,” she wrote.

The woman reportedly wrote the letter from her hospital bed before it was made public via social media and widely shared by users. Friends told the T&T Guardian yesterday that they visited the woman and she was “barely able to talk and took a long time to write the document.”

Mark Ruiz, who visited the woman, said he was truly concerned when he first heard about the abuse suffered by her and her daughter, which he read about online. Ruiz said he was moved to share the post because he felt someone was trying to “hide this.”

“I deeply felt as though the little girl, if anything, needed the correct authorities to see this and step in and help her,” he said.

Contacted on the woman’s claim that the relative was a member of the Defence Force yesterday, Public Affairs Officer Captain Cleavon Dillon, said he could not comment at this time. The Chaguanas police are also investigating the mater.

Attempts made to contact the woman’s relatives were also unsuccessful.

Yesterday, however, women’s activist and former Coalition Against Domestic Violence head Diana Mahabir-Wyatt said this has to be a community effort where everyone has do something to help those such situations instead of waiting on the Government.

“There are so many women abused year after year. Some do contact the Coalition against Domestic Violence, or contact the hotline and the police, but they are not helped by anybody and we don’t have enough protection before they are killed,” Mahabir-Wyatt said.

She said year after year women are abused, in some cases 14 and 15 times before seeking help, noting it is a cultural problem where some people actually feel people who abuse them actually care about them.

She said for the year some 15 women had been killed and some of them were victims of abuse, but many don’t report the abuse because they are too frightened.

“It is not a matter of trying to contact the police, they don’t respond. A police officer told a woman with a broken arm that he could not help, this was some years ago. Still we don’t have enough resources, supervision. If abused they (victims) don’t report it because they frightened and people don’t trust the police,” she said.

Mahabir-Wyatt said she believes emotional abuse was just as bad.

“It’s is not just physical abuse, the sexual abuse, it’s emotional, where they felt they ugly and told they no good, you don’t mean anything, which I think it is often worse,” she said.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Camille Clarke)

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