Accident leads police to $1.2 million drug discovery

Two men are now in police custody, after officers of the San Fernando Police Station, found a large quantity of marijuana and cocaine along with three firearms, at the scene of a vehicular accident which the suspects were involved in.

The two suspects, a 38-year-old of Valsayn and a 30-year-old of San Juan, were arrested by officers around 4:30 am on Tuesday 8th May, 2018, along the M2 Ring Road, La Romaine.

While responding to a report of a vehicular accident in the vicinity of the Woodland Intersection, officers observed two men standing beside a damaged white Nissan X-Trail motor vehicle in a ditch.

Upon seeing the officers, the two began behaving in a suspicious manner and began to walk away from the vehicle.

The officers then approached the men and conducted a search of their persons and the vehicle.

During the search, officers discovered 184 plastic packets of compressed marijuana, one large packet of cocaine and three Glock pistols loaded with empty magazines.

The marijuana has an approximate weight of 81.6 kilogrammes with an estimated street value of  $816,000, while the cocaine is estimated to weigh one kilogramme with a street value of $400,000.

One of the suspects was injured during the accident and is currently warded at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The other man is detained at the San Fernando Police Station pending charges. Insp. (Ag.) Steve Persad and PC Sahadeo Boodai, both of the San Fernando Police Station, are continuing investigations.

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