Ag. COP apologises to CNC3 Anchor

Outgoing Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams has apologised to CNC3’s Anchor and Senior Reporter Khamal Georges for what he describes as the “additional trauma” caused by the TTPS.
Georges’ vehicle, an Ash Grey KIA Sportage, was stolen at gunpoint on Thursday morning and recovered by Police Officers several hours later. The vehicle which was parked at the Besson Street Police Station for processing and safekeeping was then stolen again.
While the outgoing Commissioner congratulated the officers for recovering the vehicle on Thursday, he said they were negligent at the Besson Street Police station because the Kia Sportage was not properly secured.
He said he is happy that the vehicle was now recovered again and a suspect has been identified and detained. 
Commissioner Williams said the TTPS will make all effort for the vehicle to be fully processed and returned to Mr Georges without any further incidents. 

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