AG: Incorrect to say Dulalchan given all clear

Attorney general Faris al Rawi is dismissing reports that former top cop nominee Deodath Dulalchan was exonerated in a land grabbing investigation.

A statement from the ministry of the attorney general and legal affairs says it is erroneous and misleading to suggest that Mr Dulalchan has been given the all clear to occupy state lands.

In a letter to Dulalchan's attorneys, the attorney general says it was clearly stated that Dulalchan would not be displaced from the lands as it relates to the ongoing investigation.

 It's something he says is the custom with ongoing investigations.

But, the ag says in the letter to Dulalchan's attorneys, it was categorically denied that an irrevocable license was granted to the former top cop nominee.

 He is reminding the public that DCP Dulalchan entered the lands before any permission was obtained from the commissioner of state lands and he has not been exonerated.

He is asking the media to report the facts accurately especially on contentious issues.

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