Air pistol recovered at Tobago Secondary School

An air pistol was recovered by officers of the Shirvan Road Police Station following a search at the Tobago Secondary School.

According to police reports, the air pistol is the same weapon seen in the possession of students in a viral social media video.

In the video, teenaged boys were seen holding and playing with the air pistol.

Custodial staff discovered the .177 air pistol in a classroom under a desk at the Secondary School around 5:00 pm on June 27th and notified the principal.

The principal contacted the Shirvan Road Police Station immediately and Sgt. Wilson responded and subsequently retrieved the device from the school.

One of the teenagers seen in the video had previously visited the station accompanied by his parents and handed over one magazine for the air pistol on June 26th.

An air pistol is not classified as a firearm, however, a person must have permission from the Commissioner of Police to purchase or own one.

Investigations are ongoing. 

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