Alfonso prepared to face "fairy dust ministers"

Bring it on! That was the response from attorney Nyree Alfonso yesterday, in response to Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi who has vowed to take legal action against her for her knowledge and opportunity in the tendering process of the Galicia.

In a telephone interview, Alfonso said was waiting with bated breath on the AG’s move.

“I also have the most astounding position from the Government that when invited to make enquiry as to where the Government’s funds were sent to which is the owners of the vessel they indicated that they had no intention of making that inquiry.”

Alfonso said the number of times her name was called by Al-Rawi’s at the press conference leaves her to believe that they wanted to muzzle her.

At Sunday’s press conference, Alfonso said she highlighted some observations based on documentation the Government released in response to Senator Wade Mark’s motion in the Senate.

“I think I hit a raw nerve where everybody came out singing my name. Don’t shoot the messenger. Listen to the message. No political fire was pelted at anyone. It was clinical and professional.”

She said if the AG plans to take legal action: “I hope they know I will certainly be responding in a manner where I call other people to account for what I think is politically motivated.”

Alfonso insisted that she has nothing to hide.

“If you want to perpetuate the attempt to silence me by bringing litigation just understand I welcome vindication in the place where I work. Bring it on. I would be vindicated. I have instructed my attorney to find a pathway to bring litigation against these people and their attorneys because they have no evidence…because if you do that it is politically motivated.”

She said every time she brings issues regarding the Ocean Flower, Cabo Star and now Galleons Passage: “I am attacked.”

Alfonso said she was surprised after three years, the Galicia issue was now being brought to the fore.

“What manner of fairy dust are these honourable ministers thinking that I have in my back pocket that I can sprinkle in the Port Authority when I am exiting.”

Source: (Shaliza Hassanali)

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