Alleged kidnappers were still wearing army, police outfits when held

Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 06:15

Photos of two of the three suspects held in the kidnapping of the UWI Commercialization Manager Maria Dass, have been circulating online.

The men were held by police last night and Dass was rescued unharmed around 8.30 pm in Caura.

The victim was taken last night by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and a team for medical attention after she was released.

The men kidnapped the woman at the St Augustine campus, with one dressed in military uniform and another in police clothing.

Dass is attached to the Office of Institutional Advancement and Internationalization.

A third suspect is being sought.

Although the photos have been shared online unedited, the media are not permitted to reveal the faces of the arrested men, until they are officially charged.