All's well at Micles; management commends response by Fire Services

Friday, December 16, 2016 - 11:00

A senior manager at Micles on Frederick Street is commending the Fire Services for an excellent job in their response to a minor problem at the establishment this morning.

An electrical problem triggered a minor fire within the establishment which was quickly brought under control by staff.

There was no structural damage and no damage to any of the items on sale in the store.

However, a senior manager at Micles told CNC3 that the Fire Services response was "excellent" and that they must be commended for the way they approached the situation.

He said the Fire Services did a proper investigation to ensure that there was no further threat and gave the all-clear for the store to be reopened.

Reports spread quickly across social media account indicating that Micles was on fire after pictures of fire officers entering the building went online.

However, Micles' management is making it clear that at no time was the store on fire.