Another prison officer held with contraband items

Exactly one week after the arrest of a Prisons Officer at the Golden Grove Prison on August 23, 2018, another officer has been found to be in possession of illegal and unauthorised items. 

Reports indicate that around 1 pm Thursday, random searches were being carried out on officers entering the Maximum Security Prison compound.

The officer, who has over 20 years’ service, was advised about the searching exercise and informed that he would be searched. 

Upon searching the officer and his belongings, including a bag lodged at the gate, a quantity of illegal and unauthorised items was discovered.

The officer was cautioned and Arouca police were contacted.

Following the arrival of the police, the officer’s private vehicle was searched with the assistance of the Canine Unit.

This lay bare an additional quantity of illegal and unauthorised items which, in addition to the already confiscated items, totalled 80 packets of cigarettes, 7 packs of hemp cigarettes, 2 boxes of ‘Bambu’ wrapping paper and 4 bottles containing alcohol.

The officer was then escorted to the Arouca Police Station where charges are expected to be laid.

Commissioner of Prisons (Ag), Dane Clarke expressed his satisfaction at the increased efforts and initiatives undertaken to purge the Service of individuals who threaten to bring the Prison Service into disrepute. 

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service says it continues to place the maintenance of security and public safety as two of its main priorities and reiterates that all measures and resources available to do so, are being utilised.

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