Autopsy: Baby Prince succumbed to toxic smoke inhalation

Three-year-old Prince Francette, who died after being trapped in his father's car during an explosion in Tabaquite, succumbed to toxic smoke inhalation.

This was revealed during an autopsy conducted at the San Fernando mortuary on Monday. Francette,  suffered burns to 100 percent of his body after his father's two-door Nissan March exploded on Friday.

During an interview yesterday, Justin Francette said the autopsy vindicated him.

"People saying that I hit the child and throw him in the car which then exploded with him in it. This is not true. They talking nonsense. I didn't kill my child. The autopsy showed that he died from toxic smoke inhalation," Justin said. 

He added that since the tragedy the family had been splintered.

"I don't want to clash with anyone. They are blaming me but I want to get the chance to say goodbye to my son," Justin said. He said he was planning a memorial service for his son.

Asked about funeral arrangements, Justin said Prince's mother Maria Granger and her family were doing. 

Contacted yesterday, aunt Amanda Granger said the baby's funeral will take place on Wednesday at #28 Gafoor Trace, Tableland at 10 am.

The baby will be laid to rest at the Tableland cemetery.

- by Radhica De Silva

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