Autopsy today on two Cumuto murder victims

An autopsy is expected to be performed today on Aleem Khan and Bryan Felix, who were found dead in Coryal over the weekend.

According to reports, the men went into a forested area at Coryal Village on Saturday, but did not return home.

Police reports indicate that a party of officers from the Cumuto Police Station received information that two bodies were found at Sinverguenza Road, Coryal Village.

The officers went to a bushy area roughly a quarter mile off the northern side of the roadway, where they observed two male bodies lying in the buses, with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to their heads.  The wounds appeared to have been made by a shotgun.

The bodies were viewed by a District Medical Officer and ordered removed from the scene at about 1.15 pm yesterday.

Today’s autopsy is expected to confirm what caused their deaths.


Story by NEWS DESK

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