Autopsy: Toddler suffered multiple blunt force trauma

In tears, as she walked out of the Forensic Sciences Centre on Thursday after receiving the autopsy report of two-year-old Terracina Ariel Meena Moonilal, the toddler's aunt Tracy Trotman said she needs to have a conversation with the truck driver.

She said it was for the purpose of getting closure and disclosed that the autopsy revealed that she died from multiple blunt force trauma.

Little Terracina was crushed by the wheel of a truck outside her home in Wallerfield on Wednesday morning.

The child's mother, Corine Charles did not go to the Forensic Sciences Centre as she was said to be too grief stricken.

The child's father, Terrance Moonilal was very quiet as he emerged from the building.

According to Charles, who spoke to the Guardian Media on Wednesday evening said the incident occurred shortly before 8 am.

She said she was outside the house washing and had left her daughter in the house but had placed a wooden barrier in front of the doorway to ensure that she was secured indoors. 

She said two trucks came in to the road and one turned around and headed back out the road but the other one stopped and called her 12-year-old nephew to ask him directions and it was only when the truck drove off he saw Terracina on the road and screamed out to her that the child was lying on the road covered in blood.

Charles is a stay-at-home mother of two.

Her second child is a nine-month-old baby girl, who is in dire need of medical attention as she is said to have a hole in her heart.

Charles said she strongly believes that when Terracina saw her cousin standing outside she rocked the barrier breaking free and ran out and stood next to him but in front of the truck's wheel.

Neither the toddler's cousin nor the truck driver saw the little girl on the roadway.

The child was taken by ambulance to the Arima District Health Facility but was pronounced dead on arrival. 

- by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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