'Bad joke' may have led to murder

Wendell John, 42, may have been killed for "his mouth" as he was well known for throwing picong and for being very comical.

However, it is of the belief that one day his jokes was not taken lightly.

John was gunned down on Thursday at about 1.30 pm just outside the Port-of-Spain General Hospital at the corner of Charlotte Street and Belmont Circular. 

John lived at Le Platte Village in Maraval but moved out of the area four months ago.

In March of last year, John escaped death when he was shot but injured during a drive-by shooting at Le Platte Village in Maraval. In that incident one person died.

John was shot in the leg and abdomen.

In Thursday's incident John was believed to be either going to or leaving the hospital's clinic where he was currently an outpatient receiving treatment for the said gunshot wounds.

Hours after his murder several videos of John in his moods went viral on social media including one in which he said he had contacted the Aids virus for the past 20 years. 

In that video John was heard throwing hate language and obscenities towards the Rasta City Gang. 

The person who was recording the video asked John what would he do if he should be approached by a member of the Rasta City gang to which he replied: "Dismantle them."

When asked about this particular video, John's father, Anthony Adams, 55, laughed and said that his son never meant any of what he said. 
He said he was participating in the J'ouvert revellery earlier this year and was drunk at the time.

"Na...na...he doesn't have Aids but that's how he is always responding to people when they making joke with him...he is always drinking and when he is drunk that is how he does be and everybody know him to be like that, " Adams said.

Adams said his son migrated to a foreign country with his mother and two sisters but returned to T&T at the age of 18.

 "He came to learn a trade and go back but he never learn nothing...instead he would lime everyday. His mother spoil him from 18 to now, always sending money and shoes and whatever else he wanted."

He described his son as a person who always enjoyed life.

"He was always lining and drinking and making people laugh...in one of the videos he was dancing. He loved life and was just enjoying it. He was never in any gang thing or any other stupidness."

- Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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