Bakr: Robocop's killing is insanity

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 20:00

Trinidad Guardian: Jamaal Al Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr yesterday described the killing of Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis as “insanity.” Bakr said the fact that Alexis’ killer could disguise himself by wearing a wig to snuff out his life was the action of no right thinking individual. 

Having attended Alexis’ funeral on Tuesday, Bakr said as a Muslim he would not judge him.

“Islam states that on the day of judgment when we come before God our deeds will be put on a scale. If the bad deeds are more than the good deeds then we would have to face the fire of hell,” he added. If the good deeds outweigh the bad, Bakr said one is promised paradise.

Bakr said all humans made mistakes and were fallible.

“God accepts us with our good and bad. However, for Muslims we try to ensure that we do more good than the bad,” he said. He said Islam did not have confessions in its religion.

“We have something that is called tarawa, which says if you do something wrong you must do something right to erase the wrong that you have done. That is the religion of Islam to which I try to practise and which I think ‘Robocop’ would belong to.”

Bakr said at the funeral, one reporter told him that Robocop’s wife described her husband as a good person, who helped the people in the Enterprise community.

“Who is better to describe Selwyn Alexis than his wife. She knew him more than I did,” he said.

Admitting he knew Alexis for many years but was not his close friend, Bakr said: “He was one of the young people we took off the streets and gave them an alternative way to live. I knew ‘Robocop’ for many years since he was a young man.”

Bakr said he would not join others who often make pronouncements without facts. Told that the police had labelled Alexis as a bandit and reputed gang leader, Bakr questioned how many police officers were before the court for stealing and robbing people.

“And they are throwing the same stone. That is the society in which we live in. That is the society that breeds these kinds of incidents. 

“A young man who has three children Sunday evening should be home... just had a meal, sitting down with his three children, with his wife talking, instead he takes his wife’s dress, puts on her wig and goes to a next man premises to kill him. 

“This is insanity. No right thinking man would do that. That is the minds that is living among us,” he added.